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5 Women Robbed by Moped Riding Chain Snatcher in the Bronx

Moped Riding Chain Snatcher Struck 5 Times in 10 Days Throughout Bronx  The NYPD is searching for this man in connection with a string of chain snatchings throughout the Bronx. -Photo by NYPD By Dan Gesslein  Bronx Voice  December 7, 2023  BRONX - A moped riding chain snatcher has robbed 5 women within the space of 10 days throughout the Bronx, the NYPD said.  Investigators said the same man on a red moped has robbed women in at least three different police precincts in the Bronx. They released surveillance video of the suspect dressed in black wearing a Brooklyn Nets hat and riding a red moped.  The victims range in age from 17 to 30. The chain snatcher has struck in Mount Eden, Claremont, Longwood and near Yankee Stadium from November 6th through the 17th. In each case a woman was walking when the suspect rides by on the sidewalk and rips the chain off the victim’s neck. The thief then rides off. The victims only suffered minor injuries such as lacerations from where th

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